Tugging at my already fraying bag, I wrote the figures in a jiffy
Looking at the clock ticking away , I went to the bank oh so stuffy
I took out the cheque leaf and encashed the wad of notes
MMMMM…it smelt good , the salary day could be one of the best antidotes…
Smelt the green wad I did and patted myself for my efforts,
After all the toil and sweat of the month,and all the hours one exerts,
The smell of money is sweet and sweeter is the ideas the minds races with
Should I do this or should I do that,.mind is the master remains a myth.

I stepped out and looked up in the sky, the stars shining down
The half moon looking like a bride, the clouds like a flowing evening gown..
Pitter patter…oh what was that…twas a drop of water I felt,
Mmmmmm….the smell, oh the smell, the fragrance that I always had smelt…

Raindrops…?? Yes,sure they were, yippee it started raining…
After months of heat, and grime and sweat and all the energy draining…
Who wants the smell of the wad of notes, the real fragrance was here
Guys, when one smells the fresh rain,…money is just a false smear….

In a moment’s flash, my mind rejected the result of my toil and sweat
Cos the toil and sweat of Mother Nature was there for me to covet
Raindrops are the best thing to feel on a hot sultry evening…
I felt them today, the first ones maybe and my salary took a hiding….

Money come, money goes, but nothing like MOther Nature,
She has her everlasting fragrance,love and care and a relentless stature
I learnt it the hard way, that tis not the green wealth we are searching
Nature is the green wealth that should be cared about, little truths unearthing…..

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