And as I sat upon the stone and waited for the rain to stop,
I thought to myself why oh why couldnt I also puddle hop,
O’;er the week I have been busy and been busy as a bee
NOt had the time to think for myself no time for FB

But here I am back again, with a lot of things to say,
Of broken trees and broken relations things have come to stay,
A tree branch broke due to the gusty wind and started a story to tell
Who would have ever thought that there would be an ado o’er something to fell

The tree belonged to the Municipality numbered and ringed it was
Visited the famed office of the same, and forget the actual cause,
From desk to door and room to desk, I scuttled here and there
with constant feedback to my superior who really gives me a chance fair

Then came a Eureka idea , a person had it and gave me a number
I tried I tried I tried many times but the owner of the phone was in a slumber,
Back to square one not knowin what to do, there had to be a decision,
Tree falling and felling the tree in India can indeed be such a confusion..?

The tree rests where it was, the branch all broken up
People hustling to office and school, the place still messed up.
Another week dawns now and I am busy on FB
Write as I might and share this with you, that’;s the freebee…

Guys I had a tough week, with guests and responsibilities galore,
But this tree felling took the cake and created the maximum furore,
Me and my boss trying our best to make like minds meet
Wish us luck that our hard efforts are really gonna succeed……

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