Mixied Emotions

No I thought I would’nt write on this

But really I don’t want to give this one a miss

It is only a simple thing like buying an appliance

Yes a mixer I thought I will change with defiance

Get the 750 watt one my sis in law told me

Brought it home Murphy Richards was the new bee

The first day I used it it made a monstrous noise

N’er mind I thought tis the 750 watt showing its poise

The next day I started it, smoke billowed out of it

My electric connections tripped, I was in deep shit

I took it back to the shop and he replaced it with a new one

The motor was loose he said, he did give me nodr one

The third day I started , it I lost all power in the house

N’er have I ever felt scared, n’er have i been like a mouse

came in the electrician tis the inverter fuse blown out he said

Not to use in that connection, use the main else tis red

The fourth day, my daughter inadvertently used the other main

the inverter stopped functioning, this mixer sure was a pain.

Maybe a 750 watt needs a 15 amp connection I thought

N’er has my confidence so waned n’er have i been so distraught

The fifth day the mixer started and suddenly sparks flew all around

This is it I thought , and decided to end this merry go round

Went to the shop back and lamented and told my story

Seeing my anguish would you believe it he replaced it with nodr new mixi!!!

He gave me a 600 watt one and I compromised and told my sis in law

She told she would just check her mixi wattage and then did a see saw

Don’t fret and fume she told me and said hers was not 750 but 600!!

All those troubles started cos of the 750 oh how so I did dread

today my mixi stands there looking pretty in ivory

I have never suffered such a weird misery

Why do things in my life land being so eventful guys

Well maybe i would never turn worldly wise?????mi