Above all Power


My friend’s mom recently passed away. A tribute to her :

And as the casket went down the spindle
I felt the world has lost one more good soul
Why do relations and contacts dwindle
Why do the death bells toll?

She had a smile , a smile of peace
She had been troubled death did her tease
Yet as she lay, she was a picture of calm
After all, she has been and always a Mom
AS the family was shrouded in grief
AS the people petered in to share
She was there as virgin as a new leaf
Disturb her, even Death wouldn’t dare
A handful of mud on the coffin
Some beautiful roses were there to say
Whether it is a king or a ragamuffin
Six feet of land is all we need anyway
With tears in his eyes my friend sang the hymn
Above all power, it brought me tears to the brim
For all the sufferings she had in her life
I would pray for her that her soul has no strife
Try as I might, to be his mother
He knows he wont get another
But words are all I had to give for her
May her soul rest in peace forever.

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