The day dawned with a lot of commotion

The sun rose and there were only conversations

With phones from friends and phones from parents

It was my b’day oh indeed it was so apparent

With Ajay calling me and singing the poo song

And Jude repeating and me completing it with a furlong

With Abhinav calling from U.S it was a great start

With Sujata calling me from Coimbatore, she’s has such a good heart

With Chitra calling and us agreeing on rules of friendship

With Soumya telling me she would come over,it added to my pleasure trip

With Deepti giving her usual call, oh she never has missed it till today

Guys, aint it a great way, to be celebrating a birthday?

With Pooja starting the day with a lovely bouquet of flowers

With Lata as usual giving me the coffee bottle gift oh it so endears

With Vaidehi’s midnight wish Rahul and Kavita planning the midnight bash

And Rohit and Anita joining in, oh all the troubles were just a hash

With Joe playing the song , Tejas and Manas coming personally to wish me

With Akhil wishing me and all the facebook wishes swept me completely

With Chinna sleepwalking and mumbling a birthday wish

With So much fun and so much more there was to fish

With Sukhada wishing me and us promising ourselves a treat

Guys, my b’day was just no longer a simple feat.

With Meenu and Lavanya joining the group to give me a surprise

And Naveen pitching in his ideas, and I thought I was very wise

TArang and Aditya gave contributions totally unexpected

Swapnil played the role of a silent support, totally undaunted

With Sarika,Bharti and Shubha mesaging and wishing me

With Akshata’s surprise call it really was getting so happy.

And Rohit’s parents helping by giving all the help they could

Tanu and Saket pitching in and they all just added to the mood

With Pratik and Mihir in tow, the party was all set to fool me

Oh, how I got it all unnoticed , how they all surprised me

With Nikil calling me and wishing me with all his heart

With Dhanush telling me, how he wanted to be here from the start

With Lakshmi calling me at 2 in the night,

And Arun telling me to enjoy the day alright

With my parents telling me to enjoy as much as I could

And my brother and family adding to the happy mood.

With comments from all, Kavita produced the coffee book

All I could give it was one look of surprise ,one shocked look

Then came the surprise bouquet and then the big cake

With naveen,aditya,tarangand rohit putting al they could in the wake

Oh what a day it was, what a way to surprise me

It hasnt ended yet, for there was the evening to be.

The kids had decorated the garden with cards and fritters

And they wished me there oh my birthday jitters

Then I danced with Shubham and he tangoed with me

wE ended the day with a dinner where there was more fun to be

Dinner we went to, all of us me and kids, lavanya and kids,meenu and kids

With Swapnil completing the group, oh the people in the hotel were out of the lids

To end the day, my husband took me for a movie

The fun, the frolic was ending but there was more to be

For in the theatre I met Neil and Rohit who again wished me

Added to it, Sidhant called and just completed the wishes list to be

Guys it was fun, to be just be the centre of attention, just I and me


B’days come b’days go, but it is the experience that matters

If I have left anyone’s name out, please dont keep quiet likemad hatters

Just pick up the phone and give me a call or send a message on FB

For it was a splending b’day guys…thanks thanks for giving this to me….!!!!


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