Okay I decided to finally go and get the mop exchanged

Had to go to the mall but never mind, my decision n’er waned

Gave my bag at the counter and they zipped it up

Whether our mouth is sealed or not,our bags better shut up>?

Then I walked to the counter ” Exchange here” twas written

Oh Lord! Not again, another of those customers smitten?

Yes, I had to give it back for it aint fitted into the handle

The mop refill looked at me sadly like a horse was losing its saddle.

I got the money back but had to get a new mop went in to check that out

I hate these mall fellas who smile at us when actually they maybe wanna pout

Dint find the mop of my choice , some choice apricots I picked up

Came to the counter to pay and tried to open my bag but twas zipped up

Vagaries of going to the mall, you can’t have access to your own stuff

The seal came off, and I was ready to pay her wanted to walk out in a huff

My friend I met at the counter queue and we got talking,

Of old days gone by and I sensed the people in the queue balking?

“M’am I was standing before you she said I know not from where she came

I stepped back mumbling a sorry only for nodr one to play the same game

M’am I was standing here before you , I heard it and I dumped the apricot

N’er again I wanted a mall, this is the reason till today I n’er have bought

Went across to the local grocer who welcomed with a warm smile

He had no inner motives,no misconceptions,neither any kind of wile

All I had to ask for was a mop and I got four of them

Chose what I wanted and paid before all of them

Maybe I dont understand how to shop in a mall maybe I am a dodo

But I find the local grocer a better deal no hassles there no ho ho

Malls may come malls may go, But I only wish these shops dont go away

For if I then have to shop only in a mall, i would resemble a castaway !!!!a

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