From Mom With Love

From a proud mother to her beautiful daughter on her eighteenth birthday, words are not enough to fill my feelings for her.

When She was ZERO She looked at me

When she was ONE she gurgled in glee

When she was TWO she walked along

When she was THREE her skills were strong

When she was FOUR she attended school

When she was FIVE she became Lady Cool

When she was SIX she was a Little Princess

When she was SEVEN she knew how school vexes

When she was EIGHT she knew her tables

When she was NINE she knew how discipline enables

When she was TEN she grew to be a woman

When she was ELEVEN she helped in odds and ends

When she was TWELVE she dabbled with paint

When she was THIRTEEN she knew all arts quaint

When she was FOURTEEN she became a Teen

When she was FIFTEEN she dressed like a queen

When she was SIXTEEN she became dreamy

When she was SEVENTEEN she n’er behaved loony

And now she is EIGHTEEN she is raring to go

Today she is here with that glow

A lady she is, children like her are very few

Wish you a Happy Birthday Kavita , I LOVE YOU

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