As the day dawns and the sparrows twitter

As the stars set and the the birds flutter

Another days starts but tis a special day

Special cos it is a day when life begins to sway

Little finger twirling on confident hands

Clammy plams and ruffled hair strands

Tiny eyes peering into the room

As the toddler thinks she is entering doom

A hurried bye and a small kiss

All day long telling “yes Miss”

School is over and back to Momma’s arms

Back to a life with grace and charms

Satchels replaced with fancy little bags

Now the kisses slowly replaced with “nags”?

The clammy palms now turn into stern hands

The peering eyes now turn into lover’s glance….

The “Yes Miss” soujourn still continues

But now it is the teenage dews

School is over, replaced with college years

Gone are the insecurities gone the fears

Yes my daughter has come a long way

Today is her High School Exam D – day

Twelfth grade she is in and she’s here to stay

Guys ! She’s gonna rock the world everyday

When children grow up, the parents feel proud

They really dont have to frown and dont have to shroud

Thisi is the joy of parenthood, the joy of living

God bless her and may she have all your blessings


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