Grey Haired Celebrations

So I read in the newspaper that today is elder’s day

For my parents who gave birth to me a thank you day?
For that Dadima who wore a plain white saree and smiled at me?
I was only seven then, thanks to her on this elders day?

For that grandmother of mine who served me 10 dishes a day?
For that grandpa who used to teach me the nitty gritty of everday?
For that maternal grandmother who taught me to make pickles?
For that maternal grandfather who in the card game gave the chuckles?
Yes it is elders day today I should thank them?
For all my uncles who stood by me when I needed them most’?
For all my aunts who gave me quick recipes just unopposed?
For that one lady who lived below our flat and supported me?
For that lady who taught me tailoring and how talented she made me?
Yes it is elders day I should thank them?
For that teacher of mine whose silver hair beat the physics out of me?
for that Math teacher who knocked algebraical formulae into me?
For that biology teacher who taught me to love a lizard!?
For that geography teacher who in seconds took me around the world?
Yes I have to thank them tis elders day?
Tis so silly and tis so funny that I should need a day to thank them
Newspapers might be crazy but I am not, a special day I don’t want to give them
They are in my heart always knocking at my emotional door
Special days I don’t need to acknowledge, thanking them is my everyday chore.!!!

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