I try to smile, and grin and bear and live life with full tandem

I try to ease out all the troubles and erase all the mayhem

I try to make life simpler by accepting change and challenges

But still I come back to ground zero, with negative vibes and binges

I try to make the world a better place to live and love to live it kingsize

I try to ignore the faults of others as I feel it would take away life’s spice

I follow the policy of live and let live and do not trespass other’s privacy

But still I come back to ground zero and life gets really messy.

I talk of karma, and whatever goes around comes around like principles

I rarely feel putting on an attitude is the right way to be I hate such tentacles

I dont distinguish people by their possessions, I appreciate them as they are

But still I come back to ground zero, I still have a long way to go afar.

Am I wrong, am I not the doing the right things to make my life tick?

Why do I lose the grit, the courage with just a minor emotional kick?

I have lost all that I had within me, just because of an emotional low

I hate it when life takes over me, I hate it when I hit ground zero.

World, I appeal to you, to help me pull along well

I want to see myself back to where I used to dwell

Help! SOS! are not simple words I am saying

Friends like are my best vent thank god for this blessing.


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