Of Channel Changes and Tuned Frequencies

For music may come, music may go, but channels remain forever

This is what struck me when I changed channels one to other
I thought of days gone by when there was no CD
Even the cassette was new, we listened only on LP
Big records, shiny records, and the record player playing it
Twere a few of em who had it, twas special everyone needed it.

Cut to present day, where al we need is a one inch drive
STores photos, albums, and memories one neednt strive
gone are those days of photo reels and rolls
Which used to capture our holiday strolls
IN such circumstances, I woke up one morning
I wanted to listen to the radio without yawning
Radio of today is crass and loud
Too much chattering too much crowd
I tuned the needle to a different frequency
And what did I get disturbance in plenty
Amidst that I heard a very familiar voice
which was listing out the listeners’ choice
I halted, stopped and tuned it finer
I heard all my favourite one liners
Old songs, being played after a description
Of the lyricist, the film and the musician
I paused, I wondered and it dawned on me
What it was and it was for me to feel the glee
Guys, after ages I travelled down the memory tree
As I listened to my very favourite vividh bharati
With bhooley bisrey geet and aap ki farmaish
With hawa mahal and jaimala still as fresh
Kids of today wouldnt know why i am ecstasic
Whoever is reading this, would surely lend a memory stick.
For music may come and music may go but tunes remain forever……….

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