I think I am finally getin old

Cos m forgetting names and numbers

Cos m not able to dig into the embers

Cos m not able to jump two steps at a time

cos m still stuck with the same old nursery rhyme

I think I am getting old

Anacin for me is a pill, but now is unheard

I still say godrej for a cupboard

I still say coca cola for coke

And dont say stud for a bloke

Cool for me is opposite of hot

But kids of today have put me in a spot

They say cool for magnificent

Oh! I have become old..my years now spent….

Awesome was a word which never existed

Today it is the most often used word listed

Awe I know Some I know are two different words

Oh I have grown old, I feel I am the whey in the curds…!!

There was a time I used to know the lyrics of every song

Today, I try to figure out exactly what to sing along

Today coffee is barista- for me it was made at home

Oh I have grown old, yes, I am no fairy or gnome..?

Numbers were written down in a paper with a pen

Today they are messaged straight into the cell phone den

Gone are the vowels and the a e i o u

Today just a plain little three hearts say I Love you…

Time tables are photographed and exam centres on cell phones

Gone are the days when we used to worry like busy drones

From pillar to post we ran to find out our exam centres

Oh I have grown old, remaining are my set of dentures

Everything is new, everything is so different

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, with all the energy spent

how we take change is the ultimate truth of life

LIfe isnt difficult now, there isnt any strife

Oh I have grown old is just a state of the mind

Tis all how we view and how we learn to unwind

I think as my friend said I could never grow old

Cos friends like you are my real pot of gold


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