Oh for the welcome sound of the splash

For the feeling of being in heaven

for the comfort of easing out

When all the matter dissolves

I sat there waiting , waiting for it to get over

But ooh aah ouch , it seemed the toughest endeavour

With darkness all around, as I had forgotten to switch the lights on

when o when would it happen, I just was tired and forlorn

Sweat broke into my forehead, and push I wasnt supposed to

Stitches vertical, stitches horizontal, how I wished i didnt feel so blue

Longed for the pleasure, for the ecstasic Phew feeling!!!

Faecal matter ….could it ever be so relieving..??

Yes guys, I suffered from something beyond description

NOt a way out, not an idea of how to deal with constipation

Humour is the only way I could ease my aching tummy

Sorry for this note which could have gotten you into a frenzy….!!!

Digestion, system, processes and internal matter

All go to make life important and also the faecal batter

Please I beg my system not to fail me again

cos I cannot any more go throught this torturous pain…..!


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