And so the sun rays trickled in and I drew out the curtains

And told myself yet another day starts with my oven mittens…

I stretch out and feel the sun and get ready for the day

To watch the river of life flow and to see how my fate does play..

As the kettle hoots and the pots and pans get ready to tango with me

The cereal done, the breakfast ready, and the table is set to the T

As the clothes are done, the dishes washed, the house is all set up

And the woman goes about her rigmarole of life and is the least stuck up

Dawns another day, she gets ready and “ting” goes her message tone

She picks it up and reads the message on her cell, her finer skills to hone

Tis a day for her, a day to be , a day to feel all special

In 365 days, just one day for her she thinks is the world all well>??

It takes two to tango , and a male and a female to create a little existence

Why isnt there a Man’s Day, why only only for the female this one day instance??

Is a Woman a woman only to be respected and loved only a day set aside for that??

All year is a woman’s day cos women are the raison d’etre of life aint that a fact>??

Every day, she does her chores, these days she manages at home and at work

Nothing has changed from Stone Age to now, Adam still rules and Eve doesnt smirk

Lets pause and think and change the world, and let the society free

Pass the word on every woman, who thinks this is true stop this Woman’s Day jamboree

Lets learn to live one day at a time, and give respect to mankind,

To those who have lost a limb, a dear one to those who have been left behind

What is in a woman and what’s in a man, is not to be celebrated

Be a human being, be a good soul, and always stay integrated.

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day is all just a way

To ensure we dont forget our dear ones to ensure relations stay

But Woman’s Day is intriguing to me, do we need any corroboration

Arent we strong enough to spread our power, me for one I dont need any celebration…..!


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