Life – it comes with its surprises and shocks

One really never knows when destiny knocks

What lies in store is n’er to be understood

Am saying this after an emotion I recently withstood

There was this girl who did my errands

And followed my insruction to the T

She had a smile, a grin a giggle

But always dedicatedly working was she

When I was tired and out and done

She used to give me my cuppa coffee

She had her share of laughter and fun

She had become sort of family

I fell sick, she did all my work

I really felt grateful to her

Suddenly one day she had a smirk

God knows whatver came over her

She came, she saw, she conquered

She had gotten into our life

Life as it comes, sometimes endeared

She started speaking speech as sharp as knife

She worked for me, for five years or so

Today she says I dont care for her

There are others who have let the money flow

She feels my penny is just another

She just said she wont work anymore

Where are those days of fortitude?

Are relations just a tale of yore?

Where there is no love and no gratitude?

It pains me to see such temporary happiness

I long to be free from such bondage

It’s my servant at home who gave me this sadness

NO love lost is my newest adage

I yearn for a bonding totally true and honest

Where there is nothing to lose, but time

Friends, tell me if have been wrong, tis my request

So that again , I can see some good bells chime??


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