And as I lead the life of a monk

I come across various suggestions

One needs lot of patience and spunk

To actually listen to them sans inhibitions

Eat potato, dont eat, eat chilli or not

Eat greens and all the rules of the past i forgot

Salads and fruits order of the day, miss my dear pani puri

Once in a while a sabbatical sure isnt bad for me the free willy…

Walk a step and pause, walk ahead again

OH no more jumping two steps at a time,no time to gain

To sit and stand takes an eternity, and enough time you know

What a change for me the electric wire, no more bones to show..

Mind the sneeze, mind the cough, mind the loud guffaw

My trademark were all these but today replaced with a stiff jaw..

Whatever attitude I had is visible in my abdomen

All flab and wobbly ready to fall, long for the garden of eden…

Okay guys I call quits, but I need to rest for a trimester

Words are all I have to share, no point in being a worried elder

I finally know what it is to be old, my heart goes out to them

for me it is only for now, for them it is an eternal hem.

LIfe is like that it comes in bits, surprises and blows

It all depends on how we view it, our confidence it shows

I have accepted what I gotta do and I just have this to say

Surgeries come surgeries go, my attitude is n’er to sway…!!!!

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