After a surgery, I am recovering now. I had a lot to bear, a lot to share, but my friends and kids and family stood me through….A quiet thanks to all of you….

So back aftr a long time, back with the same old rhyme

After green masks and glaring lights,

It is again time to come back to facebook time

Though with a lot of gulps and lot of sighs

With twisted faces, and contorted gestures,

I waded through the pain of hospital fetters

With a lot of pain, shooting through the back

and the tummy yet didnt want to slack

Not to carry weight, not to bend down

NOt to scream when India reached touchdown

Oh is it a surgery or as my friend said a loss of identity

But yes a l’il bit of facebook time gives back my entity

I couldnt have been what I am sans my dear friends

Everyone who stood by me, my heart for you always blends

Thanks a ton, darling friends, hats off to all of you,

And sure enough for my sweetheart kids, really heavenly were the two.

With a cluck cluck here and a sigh sigh there

My kids ensured that I do not ensare

That I dont make that small fatal error

For me to get into that hospital terror

I thank God I have some hearts who care

I thank those who really know to share

A surgery aint that painful when I have all of you

Just a little note to say how much I love you …??

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