To Parent Or Not To ….

 Thursday, June 14, 2012
The power of words is something beyond comparison
It gives you the right to express under any condition
The power of speech is something that requires modulation
Cos what you speak sometimes turns to be the bone of contention
For years I have been a mother yet to master both these powers
Each day I feel  victorious over those challenging endeavours
Comes along another situation which puts my powers to test
Why is it that parenting creates so much of unwanted unrest

What we say is not what they hear and it is always the case
What they intend is not what we want Oh how difficult are those ways
What happens ultimately is something totally different isn’t that really weird?
Where are the powers where is the magic why all the rules go unheard?
You speak, they listen that’s the way you want it to be
They speak, you listen that’s what happens ultimately
Oh Have I done wrong by allowing them so much liberty I ask myself
Comes along another challenge even before you get the reply yourself.
So let the power of words be, go back to conservative methods I feel
Trudging up the path of parenting where do a mistake and one had to kneel
Mom and Dad hats off for having pulled it off without ado
As for me , I am stuck between this intriguing parent child vooodooo!!!!