Back with a bang

by Rad Ar on Saturday, December 3, 2011 at 11:20pm ·
So I am back and how
Suddenly I felt life is a pow wow
I felt social networking is boring
and I felt days were quite dragging

Work took over and I got busy
Would you believe it I watched serials on T.V
Yup for when you have work that you don’t wanna do
You resort to such things like serials full of sob sob boo hoo

I took a sabbatical,  i learnt a lot
Some called me hyper, with some I fought
Today I feel as I sit and write this
Being with all of u was what I did miss

So I am back, and I plan to be everyday
I did go back into an age that made me weigh
Weigh my reactions, my age and my emotions
Never am I gonna get outta the way hence..

Friends, are the treasures which we never see
they appear when you don’t want them to be
Yet we welcome them cos they are part of your heart
I am glad I realized this, I am gonna now restart!!!

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