Dil toh Bacha hai ji

by Rad Ar on Monday, December 5, 2011 at 5:19pm ·
Nothing to do, nothing to say
Life is just on its own way
Routines, schedules and regular habits
Wish I too could scurry around like those rabbits

I hear the squirrels chirping near my window
I long to join them and enjoy their scamper so
I see the sparrows twittering on my flower pot
I wish to relearn all those small lessons I was taught

I want to play hopskotch with no care in the world
I want to let Momma yell I read a book in my bed curled
I wish to eat ice cream without fearing the calorie
I want to jump two steps at a time without worrying about my knee

I want to whisper the latest update on the new boy around
I want to share all those sweet dreams and hopes unfound
I want to be caught reading a story book while studying
I want to be scolded for being late and not hurrying

I wish to litter the whole house without a care in the world
I wish to eat popcorn in bed and keep the blanket uncurled
I want to wear those unwashed jeans with that favorite tee
I just want to join those jam sessions when we sang like a banshee

I want Boney M to be the hottest song around
I don’t want this sudden maturity that is behind me like a hound
Guys, I feel sad I am grown up, and a parent of two
I want to undo all the discipline and just scream   WOOHOOO!!!!!!

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