Noise…..The Sound of Life

by Rad Ar on Wednesday, January 4, 2012 at 5:44pm ·
Noise …They are so much a part of our life
Children bawling, brakes screeching,
A mother’s yell, the anxious call of a wife
Neverending lift shafts that always keep moving…

Noise..They are so true but so surreal
The sound of a car reversing with a tune
Honking of the school bus so true and not unreal…
Water splashing by the local car washing goon

Noise..We cant do without them ,yet we dont like them
Milk packets being stuffed into bags, newspapers being rolled into doors
HOw many times have we tried to outwit this mayhem
Yet as each day dawns, the surrounding noise goes on the floors

Noise….the start up tune of a computer or a laptop
the whirring sound of an i pod or the blink of a tablet,whatever it be
These sounds are most welcome and we n’er want them to stop
While these sounds are only a luxury, the rest of them are a necessity

Let us get real, guys and accept what is needed
Let us get less machine like and start getting life kneaded
Kneaded into a dough that would have the best sounds to enjoy
For if life aint without noise, then the whole world would be just a decoy!!!


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