Papyrus Connections

by Rad Ar on Thursday, January 5, 2012 at 9:12am ·
Absolutely stiff , prim and proper she stared down at me
always ranting away gossip , like her another one could never be

With an air of excellence and an attitude to envy she grabs all attention
NOne could do without her and not one day could one give her an exception

She looks best when she is tucked in well and bares all to us
She has her own opinions, she always throws up all the fuss

There never is a man who hasnt fought to get her neatly clad
Tell me one who cant do without her, for she is an everyday fad

Fantasies, dreams, ambitions and careers are achieved through this little miss
Wouldn’t you want to just for once give this damsel that lovely kiss>?

Oh ho , so you are wondering who this mysterious dame i am talking about
Guys, tis the daily newspaper which I was referring to, oh now don’t you pout!!!


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