Silence Friend or Foe ?

by Rad Ar on Friday, January 13, 2012 at 10:09am ·
Silence …a six letter word which denotes an eternity
Silence…the only way to realise you have an identity

Silence…it breaks and sometimes makes relations
Silence….it doesn’t need places, it doesn’t need nations

Silence…sometimes goes a long way to patch up things
Silence ….is the shortest way to realise others’ undoings

Silence…it is that thin line of difference between a fool and a genius
Sometimes it helps a great deal, sometimes it is just the miscellaneous

Silence…is the act of self control under deep disaster
Silence…is a way of being able to evolve faster….

If silence is so serene and calm, I wonder did the big bang happen quietly?
The world as it is, how would it be noiseless…is silence the real thing to be??


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