What if……and the likes…

by Rad Ar on Wednesday, January 4, 2012 at 9:39am ·
what if one day we get controlled by a remote?
We laugh when we are told to laugh
And cry when we are told to cry
What if we are at someone else’s mercy?

What if one day, we wake up to a dark day
When moon rises in day
And sun never rives at all
What if we are in a totally different world?

What if dirt falls out of a running tap
And all water freezes
And air is only full of smelly fumes
What if there was no pure atmosphere?

Tears, laughter, day , night, water ,air
All are things to cherish, to them n’er be unfair
Life is a dream a dream to live
With little to take but a lot more to give

What if , is only a phrase that can be erased
But tumult is something that can n’er be faced
As the New Year has set in stop making resolutions
They are a farce a basis to give reasons

Let us strive to make a better morrow
To erase all sadness and all the sorrow
Let us learn to accept our mistakes as well as the worlds
For it is people like us who are in the necklace of life, precious pearls.


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