The Eternal Shade

She stood there with arms extended
always full of warmth and love undaunted
she has been here witness to  seasons
of so many kids growing up and so many emotions

She is like that angel you can feel around you
selfless like her are very few
today she stands tall we look up to her
how would you feel if she was to wither.

With sparrows twittering and crows perched up

With magpies cooing and robins etched up
she is a mother to all these and now she is in doom
cos they are gonna kill her to make for more room

People tell me if this is right

Tell me why shouldn’t we fight
If it isn’t us then who would do it
time enough for us and we shouldn’t quit

There are some who feel tis not worth the effort
But for every step taken forward there is a reply curt
So stand up and I want this shade of mine to be there
Come all of you join hands and let it not go bare…..


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