Man …The New Teddy on the Block

The teddy …..The Universal Favourite…Why would I write on a teddy bear? Well just this morning, I was chatting up with my pal when suddenly this term came up. I feel that man too is just like the teddy bear on the shelf. Very nicely packaged and ready for the world , the teddy like adorns the shop , . Then it is chanced upon by an interested child, who finds the teddy very much alike to its needs. The child takes the teddy home and cares for it, takes it along everywhere , and very soon also gives it a pet name. This teddy child relation continues till the child finds another new toy. All that softness and comfort that the teddy gave is now taken from a new toy. While the teddy was shining and clean when it was with the child, soon it starts getting shabby and worn out and dusty.
One day, the child’s mother puts the teddy in the washing machine and the washed teddy speaks volumes of the state it is in. Man too is like a teddy. He sits in the shop of life all packaged and ready with the right morals and values. An interested friend walks into his life and soon enough the two are a pair, ready to rock the world. Man presents himself well just because he is happy being cared for and who wouldnt like all that attention? Very soon, his new acquaintance finds something else that is more interesting than him. Suddenly all that fun, all that interchange of thoughts, ideas, seem a bubble. Man starts rotting within himself, his ideas turn dusty. Then he decides to wash himself off the relation and comes back a tad messed up, throws his teddy avatar and adorns a new Teddy avatar again.
Man and teddy two sides of the coin of life. Don’t you agree?

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