The Man Hatter oops Mad Hatter…oops

Every time we do something in life, it is done with a great deal of thought behind it. Much as we might not know about it, yet it is a known fact that man per se does things after considerable thought consciously or unconsciously. But did you know that each time we react differently to something, we are actually donning a hat? 
As per recent findings, it is the cap that man wears at that point of time, that determines his reaction to a situation. In fact there are colours of the hats that he wears. White denotes facts and information, yellow denotes logical thinking, red denotes emotion, black denotes analyzing, green denotes finding alternative solutions, and lastly the blue hat which rules all the others. Isn’t that really interesting and surprising? So the next time you are faced with a situation, just don these hats and you would surely if not want to be in the other person’s shoes, would at least not mind wearing his hat for a change?
With the innumerable hats that we change everyday, we almost resemble a maniac hatter who really is conjuring up every trick up his sleeve ( in this case head) and living the magical existence of a human being? Who knows the animals too would be wearing their hats and strutting around only we need the ESP to notice them? 
Imagine a world where every person is aware of this idea of hats. All the hats in this case ideas would get sold off in seconds. In fact there would be a hat barter system maybe, which is exchange of ideas. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing to happen ? And wouldn’t the very old saying of a Mad hatter become positively true and hence all of us would therefore be The Man Hatters??

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