The Happiness DNA

Sometimes in life you meet some of the most fascinating characters who never seem to leave your mind. I met one such person yesterday when I had been to my friend’s wedding, in a nearby suburb of Mumbai. Since the distance was long, I had a car hired to reach me to the place. The driver in question, was a helpful person and reached us to the church where we had to be in, quite easily. The wedding over, and we were returning back when I chanced to get into a conversation with this driver. What seemed to me to be just a driver , turned out to be a big bag of emotions. His mother was to be picked up, from a bus stop as she was travelling back from their village in Beed with a lot of grains and foodstuff. ” Prices are sky rocketing, m’am” he said “so my mother decided to get some stuff from our farm “. But since I had booked the car, he couldn’t be available to pick his mother up. He had two brothers but they were not really experienced to do this stuff of unloading sackfuls of foodstuffs and grain etc. 

I just thought to myself every person in this world has his set of challenges. He a driver had his share of troubles as he requested his boss to change the driver for me .His boss said, it was a Sunday and he couldn’t find a replacement. And the boss apparently added that if this driver in question wanted a substitute then he had to pay for it. He told me ” I would have to lose Rs.500 for nothing m’am.” There was a certain guilt chill that ran down my spine. For all the Rs. 500 I would have spent without thought, here is a clincher I said to myself. Finally the driver said he decided to let his brothers do the job somehow and came along to drop me. Suddenly I felt guilty that I was indirectly the cause for all this. 

Then the driver said he was a great devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba and told me he would be visiting the shrine this Tuesday . I said I had never been able to go there. He said he would bring back some sweets from there for me. Somehow his genuineness lingered. I had indirectly been the reason for all his worries in the day. I hired a car and a driver and he had to somehow find the solution as to how to pick his mother up. Yet, this fellow didn’t have anything against me, and offered to give me Shirdi’s offerings. Whoever said , one has to be highly qualified and educated to have a sense of balance. This driver set me thinking and somehow he lingers in my mind still. He was so full of enthusiasm and life that he told me about so many places in and around Mumbai that one could visit. There is some spark in him, that I guess most of us don’t even recognize within us. 

This is what I call the Happiness DNA. Something to add to my kitty of thoughtful expressions. 

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