Smoke in the Water with Stephen Covey

Some years back as I was scouring through the second hand books that are available on the streets, I came across an author who somehow seemed to say something from his heart…He said something which I felt I understood. I bought the book not quite realising it was a bestseller. Till today I think that was the beginning of my reading such books, notwithstanding the fact that nothing can be better than “I am Ok You are Ok” the trendsetter in such books. Yet this author caught on to my imagination.

Years passed and quite unconsciously I saw that most of the principles he mentioned in his book have been part of my daily routine. Life went on , and from seven successful habits, to how to influence people,  to power of positive thinking, things just took an upward curve. Self help books are passe for me now, as I feel life is the biggest self help book. But as I read that this author is no more today, I felt I should pause and spare him a second and write what I owe to him – Stephen Covey is no more today, but his books are with us.

Similarly there are some tunes that never leave your memory, they hum the tune of harmony and passion. My music likes began with such tunes and then graduated to varied tastes. But all is like smoke in the water today, as Jon Lord the lyricist of Deep Purple is no more. He leaves behind a great band and a string of lyrics. Hats off and tune down! 

RIP both of you and I dont know if it is appropriate to say , but somewhere both of you will be missed …


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