IIT results in new born children?

I read in the papers today that a couple wanted an IITian’s sperms…

What has world come to…babies are planned while the society squirms…

Is education in the sperm and is the male gamete so well read?
What if the IITians sperm decided to do a “Memento” while in bed??

Why are parents viewing their children to be child prodigies?
Is excellence in academics or IIT results always with such apologies..?

Life is a gift given by nature , we cant be that power
Why are IITians so viewed why disrespect their endeavor?

Imagine those students in the IIT who would read this..
Hadnt they been there they would have been given a miss…

Guys let’s get real and understand it is not about the sperms
Treat all equally, be yourself , don’t treat IIT results as anti social worms…

And for those IITians reading this, I have only this to say
That something down there is finally having its grand day!!!)))

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