Of think tanks and creative motions

This is one separation that anyone would surely love to have. Separations? and welcome? How is that> Yes there are some  separations that human beings really cannot do without. They wait for it everyday and when it does happen they are taken to the throes of passions. This is an everyday occurrence and a part of the creative motions that an individual looks forward to. As one of the major think tanks witnesses this breaking away from the origin process, one only can say that the place where it occurs is indeed one of the very productive think tanks in the world. 
Some of the best ideas have been conjured in these think tanks which are responsible for such creative motions. Indeed a storehouse of concepts, ideas and brilliant Eureka moments …..the restroom, the bathroom, the toilet whatever you may call it and the Royal throne the toilet seat. 
Who wouldn’t want to spend that “me” time in the toilet and who wouldn’t endorse the innumerable ideas that have come while the creative motions are on? The every morning nature call to the toilet, and the later release of the motions which actually encourage you and give you the time to do some creative thinking, the brain gets activated as it knows that it would be subject to this private moment for some special few minutes and thus pampers itself and becomes one of the most wanted think tanks at that point of time. 
Many would accept that the loo has been the place where they have had some brilliant ideas and concepts. I have friends who have called me from the shower just to discuss a latest idea that germinated in their minds …This and more to share but only to salute our creative ‘motions” which is one separation we would love to have each morning. In fact there is something special about the loo. The simple surroundings, the grand feeling of feeling relieved, the built up pressure and then the final release.And then the creative juices start flowing! Indeed aren’t they therefore rightly called “creative motions”….??
The loo….one of the best think tanks for many and the creative “motions” the best ideas come through here…..I salute both!!

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