The Song of Love

As he drove down the driveway, it looked as if he was driving down the lane of memories. Richard had a question in his eyes, a quizzical expression written all over his face. For there had never been a time, when he was not filled with simple thoughts like if, but, when why. 
Richard had had his share of joy, happiness, camaraderie and the likes. there was one thing that always failed to happen in his life and that was the right choice of a partner. So many girls had come and gone in Richard’s life but today Richard , is alone, a lone ranger singing that song of love and as he saw the sun setting in the distance, he felt a part of his life descend down for the day, ready to face the following day with more challenges and different areas to explore. 
Richard still remembers his first love, the first time, he allowed matters to take over his heart. Nothing could be comparable to that , and then he had Rachel in his life who completely did a somersault in his life of broken promises and yet to be filled up gaps. Rachel revolutionized his life and brought about that amount of spice that he craved for. She brought stability and enchantment, she brought joy and she sang the song of love. But then Rachel was not his, and he wanted that particular “the one” in his life. Richard then was with Sheila, who seemed to fit his bill but at the last moment, he realized that she was committed elsewhere. Susan Richard’s first love came back into his life but he wasn’t ready for her then, he had got over her and he was again the solitary reaper in the field of love and passion. 
Providence struck his life once more when companionship and camaraderie came knocking in the form of Madeleine. He liked her , he liked her beauty, her grace, but after a period of time, he realized that there was a lot of no no’s in the mask of elegant expressions. Madeleine was gone, and in stepped Susan. Susan was all that Richard wanted in a companion, but Susan had other preferences. In spite of Richard having inadvertently conveyed his feelings to Susan, the relation lasted for a short while, good as it lasted and today Richard is just a “good friend” for Susan. 
Kylie was the next in his life and there were all indications that Richard liked her a good deal. Notwithstanding the incessant advances of Natalie, who Richard chose to ignore for better causes, Kylie never ceased to occupy his mind. Natalie was the one Richard would love to spend time with , over  hours of discussing work while Kylie was the one Richard felt could fit his requirement for a permanent companion. Natalie was eager to have Richard for herself and expressed it sometimes blatantly and at times discreetly. Kylie too had her ways of expressing her love for Richard. 
He has it all, he has got it all, he has seen it all, yet today he hums the tune of a lonely traveler, a tune that is difficult to hum, but perfect to understand. Life, it is a mystery for people like Richard who have it all, but have none. Life for Richard is that tune that would never be composed with the perfect notes, but is that song that every heart sings and which waits to be heard by the right one – the perfect one .

He drove down the driveway, and reached the road… literal sense, the road of life…yet once again…humming yet again, the song of love…..