When I Go To Bed

Ok goodnight children…” I say every night…and proceed from the drawing room to the bedroom..As I go to bed I latch the front door up and that’s when I realise the lights outside the house are on….I step outside to switch off the lights and I see the agarbatti stand near my door with the ashes fallen on the plate where it stands…I take the agarbatti stand inside and then realise I havent left the bag for the milkman hanging at the door.
As I go to bed I go into the kitchen to take the jute bag which I normally keep for the milkman when I see the dirty socks which my son has absent mindedly kept on the kitchen platform…I take it and put it in the laundry basket only to find the wash basin top splattered with water and paint …which my daughter must have done while washing her brushes after painting…I wipe the wash basin, put the socks in the laundry basket …and proceed to put the milk bag outside..lock the door..
.”phew…goodnight everybody..”: I say and as I say it I see the tv switch on . I switch it off..but see the dvd switch on…I switch that off then see newspapers strewn on the floor…”cluck cluck…:” I say nodding my head at my husband’s carelessness and put the Midday and the rest of the papers back on the side table near the sofa….As I keep it back I find a guitar clip on the sofa and a screw driver set…”my son must have left it in the evening after playing the guitar…” I tell myself…”why do I have to leave the screw driver set…on the sofa…after screwing the nut in the saucepan?> I ask myself…and finally say
“OK goodnight kids…”Least realising that people actually have responded to my goodnight eachtime I say it with finality this time but see the slippers near the door…put them back on the shoe rack…set the cushions right and go to switch off the kitchen lights…”Lemme soak some legumes for tomorrow’s salad I tell myself…and let me soak this sabudana for the breakfast tomorrow…I guess a little paneer would also do..lemme soak that…Oh why is the tea coaster outside…Oh why are these fruits left open…lemme close them…” I look around with content and finally proceed to my bedroom…”
Sleep at last…Books and I am gonna going to sleep…” I enter the bedroom….”Oh, why not finish this presentation ready for office tomorrow …I tell myself looking at the pile of papers on my bedside table…” I log on to the Internet…I finish my presentations, ” lemme check Meowfm…I write a blog…I read the comments, reply…..”I am gonna sleep ” I tell myself…I take the cup I had left after drinking coffee to the kitchen…I see a rag there…I decide to put it in the washing machine….”why not start the machine and dry the clothes…Anyways there isnt any power in the morning..” I tell myself…I start it and step out only to find a wet towel left by my son in his hurry to change into his nightclothes..
.Clothes dried out, towels kept back…all the spidermans, and pokemons and beyblades are all back into the toy shelf, all the harry potters and agatha chrisites back into the book shelf….all the sudoku and scrabble games into the cupboard, everything set for tomorrow ,….clothes for office ready, clothes for the kids ready….
“I thought you said you were sleeping an hour and a half back…?” my husband asked me…”Did I take that long to come from the front room to the bedroom to sleep?” I asked myself…surprised ….but guys inspite of bringing up kids properly, inspite of being super organised…in spite of having good kids, a good husband…this is how long women take to go to bed…..It is a journey to go to bed for them….
“Good night ” my husband said…and just switched off the lights, got up and went to sleep…!!!!! For him it takes a second…for us it is a travel ….to BED….WHT SAY>?

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