Friendship’s Day

So what exactly is friendship’s day?
A time to think of old friends
Or to thank them for fun that never ends…
To think of friends who are just acquaintances now
Or to make a research on the friendship knowhow

To update on facebook saying Happy Friendship’s Day just for the sake of it
Or to pay a tribute to those who you have said fill it shut it forget it
To tie bands and add on to the shopkeeper’s income
Or to write all over the body no matter what is the outcome

To express to your friends that they mean a lot to you
To tell some friends something more than a how do you do
To do away with past grudges and make way for new ones
Or to remember all those jokes, brags and all those puns….

What is friendship’s Day , I really am not able to figure out
I only know I didn’t wish any of my friends, neither had i to shout
My friends are jewels embedded in the necklace of my life
I don’t need a day to wish them, I don’t need to have so much strife

All days are days for my friends, I am there when they need me
It’s mutual, as when I need they too are there for me
All these days that are in vogue shows how much world has lost out
Guys, stop showing of friendship, live it, love it you would enjoy it no doubt!!

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