War is Peace

Peace – It is such a subjective term. When one would be at peace amidst a lot of noise there would be many others who would want pin drop silence. How peaceful would a day be if we are to rewind back around 67 years and remember so many of those people who had been witness to the atomic bombings of the cities of HIroshima and Nagasaki on Aug 6. Six decades have passed and even today the bombing is still fresh in the minds of all. 
The Europe war had come to an end when Germany signed a treaty , yet the Pacific War went on. The Republic of China and the United Kingdom and the United States called on Japan to surrender but the Government of Japan declined and this resulted in the bombing.
Little Boy and Fat Man as the bombs were called so many thousands of people died and it is sad that such a thing happened in history. Japan surrendered and thus the Second World War ended. What have we as a society gained after all this? Is there peace after war is no more? Are we at peace with each other and are we at war? It is a debatable question. there are many who think they are at peace but within themselves they are at war – at war with their opinions, their thoughts, their decisions. War is peace and peace is war. Most of the decisions that we take today are more situational and less out of choice. We think we are at peace but even a small fly on our nose or a particle of food stuck in between teeth gets us completely wound up. So where is the definition of peace exactly justified? 
Well the answer is simple. All that we have to do is to try to find peace in everything we do, all that we say and everything we think. If we see the peace around, there would be less scope for noise to take over us. War and Peace as rightly said by Leo Tolstoy is a paradigm that has to be understood, accepted and carried forward in this world. So in short war is peace turned the other way round so let us strive get peace in a war like situation and understand that war is peace miscalculated. 
War and Peace – relative terms for our subjective life. Let us strike a balance.

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