All About Winning and Olympics

Olympics are on and we are all waiting to have that Midas touch in our lives. Exactly why is it that we feel let down when we don’t get a gold. All the while we are involved in impressing on how what is worth is trying and that it is not about winning but participating that is important. Why then do we have a discontentment when our country performs lesser than we expected. 
India on the other hand has to spruce up its physical ability and mental preparedness and pave the way for a great sports nation. While we see our players, boxers, gymnasts, wrestlers , hockey players and archers shine there at the Olympics, here our heart skips a beat each time we see our team missing out by a few points. Just a  little effort more here and a little focus there and we would be soon on our way towards King Midas. 
So the crux of the matter is that we as a nation should now work more towards introducing more exposure to sports at a young age. Schools should not focus only on academics, and marks.There should be an overall attempt to encourage children interested in sports to pursue it as a career. In India, it is seen that only the lesser offs take up sports as a career except in cricket. Sports in India is equalled to the next option if a child is not good at academics. There are also cases where children take to sports just because they are paid to learn and later on to be honed as sportsmen representing the country. We should have the determination of the Chinese and the likes who train their kids professionally right from the start. Olympic is not about winning medals, Olympics is about the spirit of performing. So let us join hands, join in this spirit and introduce sports as a major subject in the schools and other educational institutions. 
Olympics the spirit of sportsmanship would then pave the way towards better results and India would win golds as a way of life. 

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