Of postage stamp and outdated existence

And as I stuck the last stamp on the envelope I prided myself in having achieved the uphill task of stamping some 400 odd envelopes. It was a favour I was doing for my daughter who is part of an organisation which helps in saving the environment and which creates the awareness of a green existence. 
When she came back from college, I told her , I was done with the envelopes and stamps. she told me she did it in college too but was a little conscious of it, as she felt that sticking stamps is so oudated. As s\he said these world there was a chill that went down my spine. Stamps and outdated ? God, I thought what has technology done to this generation. Stamps are outdated> is such a difficutl thing for people of yesteryears to even accept. 
Stamps were the lifeline of communiciation till some years back. Then the email took over and the rest is history. But there was also something called collecting stamps as a hobby. I still remember how i used to look forward to a letter by Air Mail from my uncle or aunt in the United STates and how I used to slowly and carefully tear open the postage stamp and preserve it. In fact, I still remember how we used to exchange stamps. There was a sstamp album which had stmps from all countries. The aim was to get stamps from the maximum countries. We used to trade stamps for our favourite book etc. 
Stamps were very imporant for the letter to reach the person. They were a regular part of our life. In fact there were so many housefholds where there were huge folders just to keep stamps. I still remember the wallets we used to get when I was a child. There was a special compartment for stamps with STAMPS written on it. 
It is so funny today we dont need it anymore. The mobile charges are affordable ad there are other offerrs given by the cellular services which ensure you avail of their calls abroad. It is funnny tht hte cell phone has eroded the concept of postage stamp to the extent that even to use it gives the feeling of being outdated. What once was a luxury is no longer even a necessity. It is all about change. But this is one change that I really mind and miss the simple pleasures of sticking a postage stamp after duly licking it with grace! 


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