Hot Tales in Winter

With cold hands and hard feet and soft trembling shoulders
With the trees bending down, and the wind getting bolder
With the leaves disappearing within the blink of an eyelid
When winter sets in, everything is white, everything is hid

Yes,  I like winter, the hushing of the dry leaves
the whispers that follow over a fire and the gossip that weaves
the cracks in the feet show you need to take care
When winter sets in, it is a different fanfare

With the morning alarm sounding and darkness all around
With freezing water in the tap, with the fizz prancing around
With a lot of warmth that you long for, but work comes calling
When winter sets in, tis time you realise when leaves come falling

But where is this winter that I am talking about
Where is the cold, where is the fire, I have a doubt
The globe is warming they say, now Equator is as good as the Arctic
Ice maidens are soon gonna be passe, as hot it would be at Antarctic

When winter sets in after some years we would head for the sea
No scarves, no woollens or mittens for hot it might be
Winter has set in, today , and I feel no cold
How I wish, winter memories fondly I could hold???


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