Life … it comes

For I was working on a Sunday morning and I got the call
Never did I realise it would be such an emotional waterfall
Rushed to the hospital I did and saw so much blood
My emotions were stoned and my heart was a flood

Meandered through the hospital corridors I carried on with life
Lot of water flown under the bridge lot of sharp edged knife
Doctors, tests, medicines were the order of the day
How many would have crossed their fingers and how many had to pray

Relations, emotions, past grudges all were laid to rest
What mattered most was just how to bring life back to zest
Today I stand tall and strong and really raring to go
I can only say I have seen death at close quarters no more to show

Live life like you never have for it is very precious
Who wouldn’t know it better than me, it is indeed vicious….
Life is a gift they say , I just saw it unwrapped
Never take life for granted, never leave a bond untapped
I thank all those who stood by me and made it work
Thanks world for all that you did and for all that you didn’t shirk!


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