Mom…..The Time Machine

I still remember how she used to wait for me
I go back to a time when I was young and so was she
She would excuse all my faults and forgive all my mistakes
I long for those days, each day when the world awakes

She would patiently endure all that I had to say
She would toil hard just to give me a good day
She would never listen to any excuse for being irresponsible
Discipline and rules were a part of making me being able

I didnt have a say, when she had said a no
I couldnt do much, neither could I create a ho ho
There was an awe about her the way she commanded respect
I doubt I could be even a half of her, now when I try to connect

She would endlessly make me work on mathematics
All my incessant pleas went unnoticed and no tricky tactics
How in the world she could do, it and yet have my love
MOm, she is , and a great one, and nothing could be above

Children are a gift, and we have to keep them well wrapped
Mothers and Fathers are the caretakers they cannot be zapped
I have learnt a lot from my mother, I need to put it into action
I only need the courage, the will and the dogged determination

Thank you MOm, for all the times you never spared the rod
Thanks for making me independent, and not letting others trod
Thanks for all the times you have yelled at me for erring
Mom and Dad I love you, for imbibing in me values undeterring!


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