Of toddler steps and giant leaps

With tiny eyes he peeped through
And smacked his lips right through
Came with a bawl the whole world heard
Till today he continues undeterred

With chinky eyes and tiny palms
he clasped his fist close to me
As if he was begging for alms
I remember he was so tiny

Today he is grown tall and young
Raring to kill a few hearts and wag a tongue
Standing by me whenever I am low
He is sure chivalrous and does it show

A kind word, a soft thought,
An understanding nod, when I am lost
Tries my patience when I teach him
Is naughty and obeys only his whim

His teachers do a no no but love him
They pull his cheeks and sweet they call him
Talks too much and is not attentive they say
But he flatters them by scoring well under the way!

Today he is fourteen, I cant believe he is grown
How many tears,laughter and love has been shown
I bless him and wish him all the best today
Chinna I love him, hey guys it is my son’s birthday!


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