The Fading Horizon

The green mountains beckoned me over a lovely blue sky
All my mornings used to start with a cuppa tea and a content sigh
I used to look at ’em and hum along a tune
the vast green stretch in front of me with so many memories Strewn mornings   were a pleasure and afternoons epitome of peace
Of so many nostalgic humdrum of so many things at ease
the sight outside my kitchen window couldn’t have been better
And to think I always thought it would be with me foreverToday as I look out, I see  another mountain,
Tis hard, and  emotionless and would be soon a human den
And as I see my mountains disappearing behind the façade
I can only take my cuppa tea, give my content sigh a discard

Oh how I wish for that verdant stretch which eased my worries
In the dark of night, when I could hear the sound of squirrel scurries
In the wee hours of morning when I used to see raindrops on the leaves
When in the late evenings, i could see how Mother nature Weaves…

Today there is a huge building coming up right there
Gone is my natural kaleidoscope Going to Nowhere
I want my grassy pleasure, gone are my feelings
As the building grows taller, life to me has lost meaning.

If wishes were horses I could ridden over the building
just to see my familiar sky , just to enjoy the nostalgic feeling
Of human emotions and heart and soul there is a lot to do
A lot to understand ,a lot to live a lot to feel really true…


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