small girl with pigtails
small girl with pigtails (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


As I was hurrying through the morning, I had no time,

I had to sit down and finish work to the sound of the chime

I combed my hair and what did I do, I tied two pigtails

Oh I went down nostalgic lane I went back to school tales

I want to go back to school, back to books and paper

Back to lot of mischief, back to fun and caper

back to worry over unfinished homework and quiet indiscipline

Back to waiting for the recess and the chatter in between.

Back to wondering how best to avoid a forthcoming class

Back to looking at the rain staining the window glass

Back to crumpled uniforms, ironed out in a hurry

Of forgotten snack boxes and grudges to bury

Back to the annual day programme when talent is shown

Of teachers guiding you everywhere, oh now we have grown

Of red ink and grades dominating the day

Of wondering how best to have your own way.

Oh i want to go back to school and enjoy all the fun

When I was in school, I thought grown ups have everything done

Today i am a grown up, but I wish to be a kid again

My pigtails had their say today, I went down memory lane.