The Hurt Locker

For all the nights, I stayed awake,
For all the little prayers I said
For all the times, my heart skipped a beat
For all those moments left unsaid

For all those nappies always changed
For all the sleepless nights that passed
For all the moments of success I felt
Now all those moments are still unsaid

For times when we laughed and cried together
For moments when we fought and held together
For those small jokes we shared and passed
Waiting for those moments left unsaid

For the first time I said a goodbye
For those times I wished the clock would stop
For those little tears of joy that fell
When are those moments going to be said?

For those nights when worry took over
For days when pain never seemed to be over
For that one little word or Hullo
For me, that is  moment left unsaid

Today, they are big, raring to go
Today, everything is met with a big No
For day will dawn and sun will set
But a Mother’s feeling is left unsaid.


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