Lady In Waiting

My pal recently got into wrong company……. I have only this to say…..

Welcome she said with a kind smile

He went in, with an innocent look and no wile

Please be seated, feel comfortable she said

He just did not know where he was to be led

The smoky hues, the dingy settings did not undo him

For he had gone there to enjoy nothing seemed dim

An hour later, a puff and a smoke

For they entered a paradise, ne’er to feel the poke

As she hovered around them waving her evil wand

All of them slept a careless sleep as in a fish pond

World wake up to this nasty piece of puff

Do not fall prey to it, for she has her stuff.

She is the abuse the world is facing now

He fell prey to her, and sad to say how

My friend he is, I ne’er want him to stray

I thought reading this would put him away……



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