The Golden Celebration


The whirring of the scooter, the sound of the brakes,

I knew my Uncle would now take us on a round to the lakes

With a “Sweethearts! ” from the outside, he would call out to Aunt

Ne’er would she fail him to be there in a jiffy.

Nothing less than a hero, Uncle really looked charming

Aunt with her beautiful hair and eyes, was no less a lady in waiting

With a loud laugh and twinkling eyes, he used to rule the house

None could beat him in photography, and his expressions for his spouse

A great dramatist , he used to encourage all our efforts

Aunt on her part, used to fill the table with desserts

Rotis stacked in a pile, for all of us to binge on unlimited

Hand toasted potato sandwiches doled out as we waited

Cricket in the gully as Uncle used to walk in from office

And he used to ensure we washed our hands and legs without a miss

I remember the huge stereo which doled out the best numbers

I was always one of their very important family members

Today they are into their fiftieth year of marriage

Of so many “Sweethearts” from Uncle it is a great memory carriage

For me, Aunt and Uncle are my second parents

As I wish them today, my tears well up remembering all these events.

People come and people go, but Aunt and Uncle are one of a kind

With Aunt giving me reason to laugh with all her news as we unwind

Aunt the tech savvy genius of the family and Uncle the support

I only wish both of them A happy wedding day, they are the best no doubt.



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