Darling You Haunt Me , Say Do You Want Me


As I settle down with my newspaper, there she is smiling at me

As I am upset and down, there she was there to console me

As I relax after my morning chore, she was there reassuring me

When i entered home after a hot day outside, she was there to cool me

When I felt the whole world was against me, I used to look at her squirrels

When I felt lonely and  depressed, the sweet robins used to be the destress

When I saw the cuckoo, the bulbul and the chirpy little sparrow

I never could feel alone, never could I feel that the lanes of life were narrow

An early morning cup of tea was always under here green shade

It was just a part of my life, she was my small kid, who never could be laid

She was a part of my life, of my every joy and sorrow

Today she has been laid to rest just for the sake of a building there tomorrow

I had been to the top authorities, they told it won’t be cut

Today they show me a letter of permission, leaving me to call off my bet

I yelled  I shouted, I tried all my might

But I was destined to see this horrendous sight.

With two machines in tow, they strangled her from either side

An electric saw, three axes, and they tore off her hide

One hack and two pushes and the giant came falling down

Tell me, if it were to be us, would you be able to bear this browdown?

I am left shattered, I don’t know what to do

I thought  I would share it with all of you

Today, there not there tomorrow, the green shades of the planet

Let us join hands together and not allow this murderous outlet……….

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