26052013(011)As I was shutting down my laptop, I heard a familiar noise

Of trees swishing and water falling of nature at her full poise

I looked behind my window, full of happiness and glee

It was raining, oh yes it was, but where was my green tree??

After the hot summer, the rains come and it is so much of relief

But my green tree, the shady one, tis no longer there, thats my grief

As rains set in, and the green leaves get greener, the sight is always a pleasure

The tree they hacked, the roots they cut, my sorrow none can measure

Rains and the tree, used to tango, and it was a perfect paradise

When robins and cuckoos used to get wet and give their feathers a good splice

But where o where is my tree and the beautiful heavenly canopy

they cut it, they hacked it, the rains came the very next day, tis so awry….

The smell of the mud, the smell of the rains, brought back many memories

Of the tree giving us shade, and of us sharing our victories

If wishes were horses I could have laid them to rest, them who took her away

The rains came now, and I should be happy, but my mind went astray!


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