Nude Thoughts

Destiny Step
Destiny Step (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is something about love, it grapples with your destiny

Destiny which wills you to do what you would never think of

There is something about destiny, it tells you the tale of life

Life which always takes you to no man’s land and brings you back too

There is something about life , it teaches you many lessons,

Lessons, which once learnt should not be forgotten.

There is something about lessons , we never want to learn them

Learn we do, but in a different sense altogether

There is something about learning, we never can do it without writing

Writing, a weapon it is as they say pen is mightier than a sword

There is something about a sword, it is very sharp but is surely useful

Useful when you want to strike the right thing at the right time.

There is something time, it leads you to a land of destined pleasures

Pleasures which you get out of love, destiny, life, lessons, learning, writing

There is something out of all this, that keeps me going

Going towards the path of undisclosed identities, true love, greener pastures…………


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