Of Deaths, Wreaths and Funerals

May God help me!
May God help me! (Photo credit: radiant guy)

And as the coffin lowered into the ground

And as we put wet mud on it , I heard a distant sound

Twas the sound of the church bells ringing in a row

The burial ground had less crosses and more to show…

And as Death smiled on my friend’s father

And he lay in the coffin with a wreath his header

And held the cross firmly in his rigor mortis set hand

This is all life was, I thought tis just like a piece of strand…

Six feet of length and four feet of breadth is all we need

In this plant of life where love blooms and actions are the seed.

Where man strives all day just to sleep well at night

But a permanent sleeping person is a really difficult sight.

And as the Father and the Nuns read out the verses,

And as I saw my friend’s pretty mother in plain white laces,

My heart went out to my friend as I saw him breaking down,

All the stoic nature gone, sadness set in like a mourning gown

And as we entered the sanctity of the Church

And as the family stood together they were still in the lurch

world, life is a gift wrapped in neat packages

Death is one of them, I hence hate these adages….

May God bless my friend’s father’s soul

May God bless the bereaved family whole

May each path towards God be cleared easily for all of us

Words,feelings, emotions are the only way out thus.


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